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What attendees think about IWTC (see also the testimonials page)

“Extremely thought provoking and useful – great to learn from the experiences of others. Trainer was excellent and what a superb group with combined inputs created a pooling of experience and learning from many point of view.”

***NEW***Monthly bite-size learning - Tools and Interventions - for Counsellors and Psychotherapists

Monthly sessions are for 2 hours on Zoom, 7pm to 9pm on Thursdays monthly.
- make a note in your diary to join Ian for a fun, informative and useful way to fill up that CPD record for the year for the cost of a cinema ticket.
Each one costs only £12, a value for money experience to build up your knowledge and skills and connect to colleagues.
To book please go to Eventbrite tools and interventions you can book one meeting or as many as you want.

Please note that these are live presentations, not pre-recordings.

Ian is presenting:

Thursday 22nd April 2021 "Systems - we're all affected by them. Ian will show you how to transfer complex relational connections into a systems format. Understand how to define the problem and work with it to move from conflict to harmony.

Thursday 27th May 2021 "Insecurities, drivers and reactions" Brought from his book on insecurities he will look at the origins of them, how to build an awareness in Clients to identify them and how to overcome them.

Thursday 24th June 2021 " Therapeutic information resources, Using a Client's historical information to understand why we see the world the way we do, how that manifests in our world and reducing the emotional reaction so that the issue can be seen more clearly.

Thursday 22nd July 2021 " Couples - from conflict to harmony" Ian will share the effective tools he uses to engage Couples and
help them to not only deal with the issues between them but also build new more connected relationships

Thursday 26th August 2021 "Communication - getting the best connection" Ian will share his tools he uses in helping people engage with others, how to show the Client better ways to connect and look at the What Why model to get to the root of the problem.

Thursday 23rd September 2021 "Safe working with abuse presentations" Looking at the complexities of abuse work and how that
needs to be worked in a more flexible way. Tools in helping the Client to disclose and be supported in this very demanding work for both Client and Therapist.

Tickets can be obtained Eventbrite tools and interventions

Training for Counsellors/Psychotherapists - short courses. Ian Picture

Systemic connections and interventions 2 days - Friday 7th and Saturday 8th May 2021 via Zoom

About this course
Who is it for?
• Counsellors who are currently working and want to reflect on their practice and deepen their learning.
• Qualified counsellors who are considering progressing to couples counselling; counsellors who recognise that every client brings an unseen family into the room with them.
• Counsellors who access robust supervision from a suitably qualified Supervisor.

This course will suit qualified counsellors (Level 4 and above) who are looking to extend their knowledge and experience of working in the interesting, demanding and fascinating world of interlocking systems and how these interplay in relationships and general life.

Whats it about

Systemic work is a way of thinking, enquiring and understanding which is specific to your client and simultaneously very widely based.
Systemic theory is complex and yet simple at heart. We all develop within many ‘systems’ – family, school, peer group, friends, lovers, and our lives are an interplay of them all – both good and bad experiences. If you ever have had a client say that their spouse speaks to them ‘as if they are still at work’, then your client is identifying a specific system input which likely has a much broader and deeper meaning.

No previous knowledge or experience of systemic thinking is presumed in this course; we all rotate through various systems in our daily life, so this is not a 'remote' theory, it's how humans live. A better understanding of how our systems overlap is useful for us all as well as our clients.

The course is offered over 2 days via an online Zoom learning environment.
Day One:
• Family dynamics
• Therapeutic bonding
• Attachment and systemic theory
• Intergenerational, Family of Origin, Societal influences
• Systemic fit
• Relationship styles
Day Two:
• Diversity and blended families
• Perception and reality
• Communication
• Reflective practice
• Argument resolution
• Practice opportunities

Each day will begin at 10 am and finish at 4.30pm and will be hosted via the Zoom video conferencing platform. This will allow us to meet online as a whole group and also utilise break out rooms for small group work and practice.
We will be careful to take regular breaks to account for screen time and take care of our individual energy levels. Lunch will be a one hour break. In terms of self-care, please consider avoiding other screen use in this break time.

What will this course give me?

It will give you practical and theoretical aspects of working within the system dynamic and build on your current counselling knowledge in general.
You will develop the skills and tools needed to offer clients insight into why their interactions with other people can be problematic. Tools to help them to engage with and understand, and then interact differently, in the systems they connect to.
Your new skills will give you the techniques to help them to understand their responsibilities, role and requirements in their systems and how to make positive changes in their relationships that create lasting change in how they relate to and feel about each other.
Once you have completed the training you will be suitably qualified to work with the family systems inherent in every client and the wider dynamic influences.

Feedback from students who have completed this course:
• They are able to introduce working with Systemic intervention into their practice.
• They benefit from being part of a learning community with colleagues working in different contexts and with different age groups, and achieve accelerated learning through discussion of the variety of themes.
• They are up to date with developments in the field of systemic therapy, having also reviewed legal and safeguarding requirements.
• They know how to access useful sources of information and support.

For clarity: this is a course around family systems, not a qualification in family therapy

1 Day workshop - DVA the facts and ways to work with both parties Friday 14th May 2021

This day will help you to not only understand DVA more and what it is but also to help you recognise when it may be taking place and what you can effectively do to help both parties move forward.

The day will include

What is DV? power-point and discussion.
Stats and information: Home office, Agencies and Women’s Aid reports, Ethical guidelines.
Identifying it in the room: signs and signals, experiential input, therapeutic interventions, change of intervention by therapist, record keeping, monitoring. 
Support, agency guidelines, supervision and self-care.
Disclosure boundaries, Intensity and emotional self-care if needed. 
Legal responsibilities, therapeutic assisted disclosure, who, how, where.
Procedures and practices, notification, support, record keeping/handing over, 
Support for perpetrators.
It nestles nicely with the next day which is about abuse and how to work with and understand the dynamics of abuse and how you might work with Clients safely and professionally.  

Accredited 2 day workshop Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th May2021. How to work integratively and safely with abused Clients

Ian comes to this workshop with over 20 years’ experience of working with Clients who have or are experiencing abuse in their lives, indeed his first Client had abuse as a background trigger to their issues around low confidence and self-esteem. This work experience started his journey of knowledge and awareness in this most difficult, heart wrenching but most rewarding work. His awareness knowledge and understanding that he has gained over those years will be fully shared with you on this workshop and some of the scenarios which give indications of an abuse process are explored below, although there are many more.

This workshop covers the understanding of working with abused Clients or Clients who may present and abuse is the underlying issue. It will look at and explore, using your intuitive feelings that something may not be helping the Client connection, something is getting in the way. It might be an interruption to the work, Client no shows or late attendance, maybe it’s that the Client becomes awkward in communicating or seems to resort to childish behaviour. The work might seem half completed or doesn’t have a flow to it, jumping around with no consistency to the work. This could be a signal of an abusive aspect to the Clients life.

The tools I use will encompass NLP ideas around communication and signs of distress with the Client. An understanding of body language and how that can play a part in deflection methods. It will look at pace and presentation of the work as well as scripts that the Client may use such as self-blaming to offer insights into their world. It will also look at the drama triangle and how we might be asked to play the part of rescuer or persecutor. It also covers flashbacks and how they may tumble out in no particular order and how to work constructively with them.

July 16th Using Somatic Therapy with Client's – benefits, challenges, and reflection process.

Somatic Therapy acknowledges connection between body and mind it uses our Sensing – Emotion – Thoughts- Image – Behaviour to connect us to the Client's world. It helps us to develop better understanding of what is happening in our
body and in the mind. This also helps us to become aware of how the changes in our body movement can bring up to the surface different emotions, thoughts and images, giving us more choice of understanding the Client's world.

Jung defined sensation as a psychological function and argued that
sensation “is related not only to the outer stimuli, but also to the inner”*
For C, G. Jung The archetype is a psychosomatic concept, linking body and psyche, instinct and

Come and join us in the experience of exploring this wonderful if not challenging world, experience the aspect of this connection and see how it can be a valuable tool to enhance and support your work.

Ian runs and maintains a progressive and successful therapeutic business in West Yorkshire. He has been at the sharp end of building a business from scratch over the last 24 years and has been successful in keeping that business growing and succeeding over those years. He is on the cutting edge of being at one with the Client in all aspects of connection both Mentally, Emotionally and Physically and connecting at a much deeper level with his work, which builds trust and empathy with the Client. He uses the space between Counsellor and Client to inform and connect with his work, picking up on the transference and communication not seen but felt.

“Justyna Muller is a BACP accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist with an interest in Jungian Psychology and Somatic Trauma Therapy. She researched different ideas of perceptions and communications including intuition and somatic awareness as seen from Jungian/ Alchemical and from the Somatic Trauma Therapy perspective. Additionally, to Counselling and Psychotherapy, Justyna provides group and individual supervision, where she invites the use of intuition and creativity to reflect in more depth on the therapeutic relationship. She has many years of experience working with clients who present with complex and /or relational trauma.”

To book please follow the link to Eventbrite Somatic Course

Making your business work - next presentation date to be confirmed.

This one day accredited course helps you to begin to build and maintain your business profile and increase your client base. It will benefit anyone who is starting the self-employed journey or even if you have a recognised business but want to grow it. It offers what the next step is on your journey to a more business profile and how you might engage differently to a wider audience.

Aims and objectives

To introduce you to a business plan and implementation of one.
How to find new referrals and grow your client base
Use the web and other ways to introduce yourself.
Build a media profile, networking and resource finding
Build resilience and valuing your self
Be more successful in your chosen career

On completion you will feel more confident and aware of how to increase your business profile, Client base and feel more comfortable with engaging with Clients in the business contract. You will value yourself and your skills and abilities.

Training for Counsellors/Psychotherapists - short courses. Training

What do I know

Ian runs and maintains a progressive and successful therapeutic business in West Yorkshire. He has been at the sharp end of building a business from scratch over the last 24 years and has been successful in keeping that business growing and succeeding over those years. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you become successful and financially viable in your chosen field. He is also a ILM certified business coach helping small and large businesses to cope with the demands that this hectic world throws at them.

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