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My unique approach

Me and my professional Associates are coaches and trainers who are experienced over many years which combine to provide a wide range of specialisms in one single place. This helps you to attain the results you require without having to engage more than one Coach or professional. Each Client has different needs so we approach each Client as a unique commission piece of work and no two commissions will ever be the same. IWTC understand this and build close relationships with their Clients this helps to build trust and good working relationships which usually achieve the lasting results quickly.

Recommendation from Client AR Leeds

We’ve known Ian for a number of years and he has provided us with a variety of professional services tailored to the needs of our business.
These have included leadership coaching for senior and middle managers and group training for team members on aspects of time management and communication skills.
More recently, Ian has facilitated workshops to engage members of staff to help shape and define our Company’s Vision and Values.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Ian to anyone looking for training to equip them with leadership and communication skills.

Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching services through IWTC can provide the following to support your business needs:

- identifying blocks and barriers to better performance
- matching coaching, training and development solutions to performance gaps
- delivering management coaching and training
- targeted individual training and coaching
- team training and coaching
-Well being and support packages

Coaching for personal development and lifestyle change.

How have we helped people improve their work performance and life balance with my coaching service.

- exploring options, making decisions and making changes in lifestyle, work and relationships
- improving self-esteem and confidence
- being more assertive
- time management and putting yourself first
- dealing with or getting less of difficult people
- getting more enjoyment from life such as a better social life and more friends
- deciding new career paths and getting on them
- changing from worrier to optimist

A coach is someone who helps people explore all the available and new options and achieving the steps to getting what they want.

Our coaches are not experts who have all the answers, but we are good at motivating and focusing our clients so they can choose better directions and ways of living and then get them.

I will work with you to better understand your situation and yourself, generate options and goals, and then support you to the point where you feel clear and confident enough to go it alone.

The coaching process involves exploring the current reality of your situation, whether it be problems at work or difficulties in a relationship or something about yourself that's holding you back or getting in the way, such as low confidence. The next stage is to generate options and to weigh up the pros and cons and also to address your level of motivation to change.

Finally, goals will be agreed that define where you want to be in the medium and long term. Coaching sessions focus on your progress towards the goals and and any challenges whilst agreeing strategies and plans for moving nearer to the end goals.

Coaching contracts can be as short as several sessions or as many as 12. Coaching is short-term work as it is very focused on something clients have already decided they want to change. Coaching is not usually beneficial where clients have emotional or psychological difficulties and who are better working with a counsellor.

To arrange a free 15 minute consultation on coaching services call Ian on 07769976620

Coaching. Relationship coaching

Relationship work placed Coaching

The process of keeping, or even starting, a connected work relationship can be very stressful and hard work. Sometimes people see failed work relationships in their past as a cycle of “it always happens to me and nothing will ever change” or “I must be a horrible person because no one stays connected to me”. This is usually not the reason as most people either pick the wrong person to be part of a team or the dynamics of the team relationship are such that your unable to get the best from them due to inner disturbances. Either way you can change things, the first thing is to know the characteristics of the people in the group that you need to make good work relationships with. Then it’s just a process of realising which personalities help cohesion that you are looking for in the group and building the group to be the most effective team. To small a group and you get burn out to large a group and you get squabbles around dominancy. The second is that you need to understand people's drives, the feelings and behaviours that make us who we are, by being aware of these drives and modifying them it enables you to build more appropriate and successful teams.

Relationship work placed coaching can help with all these issues and get you the relationships you need. We will together deconstruct why the individual relationships don’t work for the team and see which of the two reasons appertain to them. Whichever one seems to be the issue we will then help to coach members in understanding the structures of team success things and support them to get the more cohesive relationship.

Our Relationship work placed Coaches are experienced and skilled in both relationship dynamics, why things go wrong and coaching, to move people and teams forward. These skills are excellent for helping you all to understand yourselves and others within the team, builds awareness of the things that need to change and giving all positive supportive process to make that change long lasting.

To discuss your relationship work placed coaching needs call Ian on 07769 97662

Our professional qualifications

All IWTC coaches are qualified to post-graduate level through the CIPD and Oxford Brookes University and are equipped to provide executive, personal and couple coaching across a wide spectrum of needs including confidence, self-esteem, inter-relating, communicating. IWTC associates are also qualified and experienced in training and providing coaching qualifications to a range of clients including individual managers and also corporate groups.

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