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Feedback from previous attendees

"I just attended the first seminar with Ian (Boundaries). What a nice man, and clearly expert knowledge and very clear way of explaining things. I have attended loads of this kind of training seminar over the years, and I found Ian’s presentation and content to be the best.
It was a very personal presentation, which became quite bespoke to the staff members present. He was clearly sincere, which means people will listen and value his advice.

“I really liked Ian’s approach it was really relaxed and spoken in easy to understand terms, which I found very helpful. Not too much jargon very informative”,

"Excellent delivery from someone who was well experienced in the field, who addressed questions appropriately whilst also encouraging us all in our own capacities"

"Really thorough and well delivered which gave the attendees quality learning in a relaxed atmosphere, something I will always remember”

"Extremely thought provoking and useful - great to learn from the experiences of others. Trainer was excellent and what a superb group with combined inputs created a pooling of experience and learning from many point of view."

This 2 day course is an introduction to working online with couples 27th 28th Feb 2021

This course is appropriate for colleagues who are already working with couples in their practice.

About this course, video introduction to this course

Move your Couples Counselling Practice online with this 2 day online course which is designed to help you work safely and effectively with couples online.

This course will suit anyone who already has couple counselling experience and is looking to extend their knowledge and experience of working with couples online. It will not only build on your existing couple counselling knowledge in general but also on the practical and theoretical aspects of working with the couple dynamic.

You will develop your skills in helping the couple to engage with and understand their relationship, responsibilities, role, requirements and goals and to make changes in their relationships that create lasting change in how they relate to and feel about each other.

Once you have completed the training you will be suitably qualified to deliver Couples Counselling sessions, with robust Supervision from a Couples Counselling Supervisor.

In these 2 days you will be learning about:

Work with the dynamics or Attachment within the Couple relationship
Work with a light touch on the Couples interface
Help Couples to build quality lasting engaging relationships
Work with conflict in the room between Couples using the tools supplied
Understand the complexities of DV and working safely within the room
Work with and understand the aspects of self-care.

Training Courses. Couple counselling

Accredited 8 day course in Couple counselling March/April 2021

The extensive course is structured over eight days and is an accredited course. The core four days will help you to understand the unique aspects of working with couples and what help you may give them in relation to understanding the issues and problems they may be facing.

This course is delivered over 4 weeks Video introduction for the Couple course

The core four day course includes all the understanding to work with couples and the following 4 day CPD days will enhance that to give you more competence and confidence to work with Couples.
Core days:

Couple dynamics.
Therapeutic bonding.
Holding the balance.
Attachment and systemic theory.
Scripts and messages.
Couple fit.
Relationship styles.
Diversity and blended families.
Perception and reality.
Reflective practice
DV and the implications to couple work.
Argument resolving.

The full course will also include another 4 days of group learning.

In these 4 days you will be learning about:

Day 1 Working Online with Couples

Day 2 Genograms and the gathering of engaging therapeutic information

Day 3 Sex and the symbolic understanding of the problem

Day 4 Working therapeutically with loss and rejection in the wider context.

Once you have completed the full 8 days you will receive the overarching course completion certificate.

This course is accredited by the NCP and is charged at £800 plus VAT including drinks and inclusive of any materials discussed and worked with. All days start at 10 am and complete at 4.30pm and on completion will attain 56 hours of CPD hours certificated attached to it.

For more information and to book please contact us via email or by telephoning Ian on 07769976620

Systemic connections and interventions May 7th and 8th 2021

Video introduction for the course

The course is offered over 2 days via an online Zoom learning environment.
Day One:
• Family dynamics
• Therapeutic bonding
• Attachment and systemic theory
• Intergenerational, Family of Origin, Societal influences
• Systemic fit
• Relationship styles
Day Two:
• Diversity and blended families
• Perception and reality
• Communication
• Reflective practice
• Argument resolution
• Practice opportunities

Each day will begin at 10 am and finish at 4.30pm and will be hosted via the Zoom video conferencing platform. This will allow us to meet online as a whole group and also utilise break out rooms for small group work and practice.
We will be careful to take regular breaks to account for screen time and take care of our individual energy levels. Lunch will be a one hour break. In terms of self-care, please consider avoiding other screen use in this break time.

Feedback from students who have completed this course:
• They are able to introduce working with Systemic intervention into their practice.
• They benefit from being part of a learning community with colleagues working in different contexts and with different age groups, and achieve accelerated learning through discussion of the variety of themes.
• They are up to date with developments in the field of systemic therapy, having also reviewed legal and safeguarding requirements.
• They know how to access useful sources of information and support.

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DVA the facts and ways to work with both parties May 14th 2021

This day will help you to not only understand DVA more and what it is but also to help you recognise when it may be taking place and what you can effectively do to help both parties move forward.

The day will include. video introduction to this course

Disclosure boundaries, Intensity and emotional self-care if needed. 
What is DV? power-point and discussion.
Stats and information: Home office, Agencies and Women’s Aid reports, Ethical guidelines.
Identifying it in the room: signs and signals, experiential input, therapeutic interventions, change of intervention by therapist, record keeping, monitoring. 
Support, agency guidelines, supervision and self-care.
Legal responsibilities, therapeutic assisted disclosure, who, how, where.
Procedures and practices, notification, support, record keeping/handing over, 
Support for perpetrators.
It nestles nicely with the next day which is about abuse and how to work with and understand the dynamics of abuse and how you might work with Clients safely and professionally.  

Accredited workshop May 22nd 2021. Abuse working with Clients safely and congruently.

video introduction to this course

Ian comes to this workshop with over 20 years’ experience of working with Clients who have or are experiencing abuse in their lives, indeed his first Client had abuse as a background trigger to their issues around low confidence and self-esteem. This work experience started his journey of knowledge and awareness in this most difficult, heart wrenching but most rewarding work. His awareness knowledge and understanding that he has gained over those years will be fully shared with you on this workshop and some of the scenarios which give indications of an abuse process are explored below, although there are many more.

In our work how many times have you had the intuitive feeling that something is not helping the connection with the Client, something is getting in the way. Sometimes it might be the interruption to the work, Client no shows or late attendance, maybe it’s that the Client becomes awkward in communicating or seems to resort to childish behaviour. Maybe the works seems half completed or doesn’t have a flow to it, jumping around with no consistency to the work. These and many more aspects of the interactive process of our Client work shows signs of something more, something not being worked, something getting the way of the work. This could be cemented in an abusive aspect to the Clients life.

In this powerful CPD which focuses on the interactive inclusion of practice skills and constructive solutions.
It gives you tools to identify the clues and signs of knowing abuse is a feature of the work.
It gives you real tools to help engage with and support Clients who are or have experienced abuse.
It explores the subconscious drives and triggers which influence the Clients life.
It gives you different models of working with different types of abuse.
It looks at creating better more appropriate working alliances making it Client led work.
It gives you interactive processes to help release and work with the difficult emotions and memories which will surface.
It gives you productive and successful ways to help process and heal those influences to make the future more secure and controllable.

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IWTC Courses

We at IWTC are extensively experienced and fully qualified trainers who have delivered courses for over 20 years to large and small private and public sector organisations. We are able to individually design bespoke courses to fit the needs and budgets of organisations and their staff or service users.

To discuss your training needs call Ian on 07769 976620.

The following is a short sample of some programmes that I offer:

Counselling training
Management and supervisory skills and qualifications
Training for trainers
Coaching skills and qualifications
Team building
Team management
Time management and delegation
Emotional Intelligence for managers and supervisors
Stress Management

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Accredited by the NCP

All Ian’s one day courses are accredited by the NCP and are charged at £80 per day plus VAT(unless otherwise stated) including drinks and inclusive of any materials discussed and worked with. All days start at 10 am and complete at 4.30pm and have 7 hours CPD hours certificated attached.

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